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回顧Dieline 2021年度的100個最佳包裝設計

設計頻道 - 包裝 來源:設計在線 作者:dayue 2022-05-12

Dieline's Top 100 Stories Of 2021

by The Dieline on 12/23/2021 | 9 Minute Read

與往常一樣,我們收集了一些由你們這些讀者決定的年度頭條新聞。在這里,您會發現一些年度最佳重新設計、采訪、對標志性包裝的深入了解、我們最喜歡的可持續替代品。因此,事不宜遲,以下是 Dieline 的年度 100 佳故事。

REAL Seltzer Has Branding

That's Keeping It, Well, Real

Chloe Gordon

Terrapi's Packaging Encompasses

Diverse Unisex Beauty Ideals.

Chloe Gordon

Good Vibes is Australia’s

First Probiotic Ice Cream

Chloe Gordon

Felicidad Bakery Believes

Happiness Is For Everyone

Shawn Binder

Heinz Had Folks 'Draw Ketchup'

And They Put Their Artwork

On Custom Bottles

Bill McCool

The 11 Best Brands We

Saw At Expo East 2021

Fred Hart

Kengos Doesn't Just Want To Change

How We Make Shoes, But The Way

We Package Them, Too

Bill McCool

Fast Food, Cruelty-Free Style

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

Pentagram-Designed Soufflé

Captures The Spirit Of French Home Cooking

Rudy Sanchez

Pearlfisher’s Brand Creation For

Consider Pastures Sets The

Golden Standard For Eggs

Chloe Gordon

The World Of CGI And Branding:

Creating The Real, The Unreal, And Beyond

Hamish Campbell

Branding for energy drink

"Engie" by PG Reforming

Chloe Gordon

The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle

Takes Aim at the Plastic Waste

in Your Medicine Cabinet

Rudy Sanchez

Natura's Label Design Brings

Us That Much Closer To Nature

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

Why You Need to Stop

Saying Feminine Hygiene

Siena Dexter

H&auml;agen-Dazs Updates Ice Cream

Brand With Chase Design Group

Rudy Sanchez

These Coffee Beans From Pure

Harmonize With The Packaging

Chloe Gordon

Woodlot Skincare Packaging

Loves Mother Earth

Shawn Binder

Funk Up Your Morning With

This Organic Coffee Concept

Shawn Binder

The Design For Tealish

Organic Teas Is Delish

Shawn Binder

Molson Coors Brings Sparkling

CBD To Colorado With Veryvell

Bill McCool

HERE Studio Unveils Its

Canned Tepache De La Calle

Bill McCool

Stoic Makes a Bold Colorful

Impact on Disposable Gloves

Jessica Deseo

Ottogi Nuroongi Challenges

Corn Flakes With Internet Fame

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

Reverie Brings You A Bold &

Brilliant Design To Go With Its Skincare Line

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

Talor Made Is Serving Spunky

Vibes To The Coffee Industry

Chloe Gordon

Thirst Craft Gives Brooklyn Brewery’s

Hazy IPA A Juicy Pop Art Makeover

Bill McCool

Santo Cielo's Packaging

Celebrates Spain’s Culture

Chloe Gordon

Nude Brings Irreverence And

Spontaneity To The Milk Alternative Category

Chloe Gordon

Ingredients Matter Brings Powder

To The People (It's Laundry Detergent, OK?)

Rudy Sanchez

DoubleDouble Coffee's Packaging

Will Give You The Energy You're Searching For

Chloe Gordon

Sprite Announces Return Of Winter

Spiced Cranberry, Adds 'Zero'

Version For 2021

Rudy Sanchez

The Nice Company's Ice Cream

Design Is Retro Fun

Shawn Binder

Culture POP Soda's Branding

Highlights Flavor And Function

Rudy Sanchez

Homecoming Candles Are

Setting The World On Fire

Chloe Gordon

Personalized Packaging: A Genius

Marketing Idea or a Waste of

Time and Materials?

Nahla Davies

Data Should Help Designers,

Not Hinder Them: Why Brands are

Doing More Research Earlier

in the Creative Process

Kim Gaskins

Aokka Is A Unique Coffee Brand

With A Sense Of Adventure

Chloe Gordon

Megan Thee Stallion and Popeyes

Launch "Hottie Sauce"

(and, Yes, There's Merch)

Chloe Gordon

Why Can't Weed Just Look Like Weed?

Rudy Sanchez

Sheese! Vegan Cheese Didn't

Have To Be That Good!

Shawn Binder

Pritz Sunscreen Is Perfect For

All Your Summer Adventures

Chloe Gordon

SAGA Grand Gin Pays Homage

To Canadian History

Shawn Binder

DARLCHA Tea Gives You

A Taste Of History

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

How Better Branding Made This

Premium Chocolatier Deliciously Successful

Kim Gaskins

Taylor & Smith: Pouring The

Tasmanian Landscape Into A Glass For You

Alianne Valladares-Prieto

Target Announces New

Pet Food Line Kindfull

Rudy Sanchez

KAI's Disposable Paper Razor

Gives Plastic A Close Shave

Rudy Sanchez

Pauli & Sisters Is The Holistic

Hero For Your Skin

Chloe Gordon



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